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That picture of Liam made my mouth water, so thanks, but can we talk about Louis' hatred for Narry? I mean, his reactions to Niall and Harry, makes me worry about Niall at times. Like when he interrupted, Harry and Niall talking, just to say they were matching shirts. Can we talk about this.

that fkn boy knows how to get us all riled up doesn’t he, dammit

Haha I anti-ship narry so hard as well. We might have to make a defense niall squad though. But like Harry and Niall are very touchy, and it’s different from liam and harry because that seems to just annoy louis, but with narry (maybe bc people actually ship narry? idk) it seems to be a bit more of actual jealousy involved. But the jealousy I think is because Harry can interact with niall like that, which might frustrate louis bc he can’t be that person. Sometimes I think Harry goes a bit glittery on niall just bc he can’t on louis. What he does is he tries to interrupt; can I just interject here; do you need a room; when you’ve quite finished lads; you two, the chemistry in the room, etc.

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i feel so bad for louis tho, he looks like there’s something hollow churning in his stomach 


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If Louis and Eleanor are in a real ''relationship'' people should be able to see that it's not a good one. From the graduation, to the no no no, and then on top of that, she is a shy person, and he parades her around the front entrance. Who would want that kind of boyfriend? Even though we know louis is a good boyfriend *cough* thanks harry *cough* but if this is supposedly real, then I feel truly sorry for Eleanor and question why she hasn't left him

Yes (like that is literally what I’ve been thinking lately) and Iike in those pics from the wedding where Louis walked straight past her she look /so/ uncomfortable. I feel bad for her sometimes even as a beard, but if they’re really together, and they don’t even see each other the better part of the year, the relationship seems very unhealthy to me. Like obviously I don’t know, but they don’t look happy? Like at the this is us premier where Louis looked like he wanted to die while she clutched his hand? :/


How many times does Harry have to ask people to stop following him for it to finally sink in that you shouldn’t be stalking him. It’s a crime. You’re a stranger to him and things can get dangerous. Just stop it already.

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About what he wore, it doesn't really give anyone a reason to say he's not giving shit or anything about the relationship. IF they really are together, she is probably pissed at him herself! :)

Yeah that’s true :)